CAAS: Cancer Associated annotation of Alternative Splicing


The CAAS database presents a graphical overview of tissue specific alternative splicing (AS) annotation for 600 breast and ovarian cancer associated genes. To date, these genes have been annotated by comprehensive RT-PCR in two, 4-patient serous ovarian tumour pools, and 2, 4-patient normal ovary pools. The gene list was obtained by a keyword search for "ovarian cancer" or "breast cancer" on Entrez Gene (, performed in December 2005, followed by selection of those genes showing evidence of alternative splicing in the Aceview database ( Both the existence of all possible exon-exon junctions and the relative ratios for each AS variant from end-point RT-PCR data are presented in graphical form. Full details on the interpretation of the data can be obtained in Klinck et al., Cancer Res 68(3), 657-63, 2008

Supplementary Figures and Tables for Klinck et al., Cancer Res 68(3), 657-63, 2008

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